Shower head that had leaking shower repairs in Perth

    Professional Leaking Shower Repairs in Perth

    We work with both domestic and commercial clients, so whether you’re experiencing problems with leaks in the home or at work, we can help.

    Professional Help for Leaking Showers in Perth

    If you have a leaking shower caused by faulty grout, then the safest and most reliable way to deal with the problem is to get the area re-grouted. Once grout starts to let water through, it will quickly seep through into your wall cavity, causing damage to floors and carpets, as well as to the internal structure of your property.

    From faulty to brand new

    The most affordable and effective method of eliminating the problems caused by leaks is by replacing your existing grout with new grout which is resistant to mould and bacteria. At Regrout Services, we use only the best quality mould resistant grout.

    With no costly refurbishing or renovation required, by re-grouting, you can breathe new life into tired tiles and waterproof your shower, saving thousands of dollars at the same time. With a 24-hour turnaround time for the entire job, our regrout services will work quickly to transform your space.

    Steam cleaning or scrubbing with harsh chemicals and detergents will never be able to clean grout completely and can have unpleasant side effects, so we use safe materials which won’t damage you or your home. For leaking shower repairs that will transform your property, just give us a call.

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